Eclipse Shutters


The classic look of interior shutters is now within reach. Eclipse™ Shutters are elegant to behold, and blend beautifully with a wide variety of design sensibilities. Transform ordinary windows into inspiring new highlights of the home with Eclipse™ Shutters.

This versatile shutter can be custom designed to satisfy your specific needs. Choose from a variety of options including three louver sizes, four frame styles, five fashionable colours, and almost any dimension.

Eclipse™ Shutters are offered with a tradtional tilt bar design or the unobstructed view of the Clearview option. Whatever your desire, Eclipse™ Shutters are the finishing touch to make your home complete.

For captivating style, time-honoured practicality, and intellectual beauty, the clear choice is Eclipse™ Shutters.

Waterproof: Eclipse™ Shutters resist the damaging effects of water, making them the perfect choice for kitchens, bathrooms, and jacuzzi/pool areas.

Washable: Staining agents don't adhere to the smooth surface, so cleaning is accomplished with just soap and water.

Energy Efficient: The cellular construction of the louvers and frames, reduces the transfer of energy and heating/cooling bills. (R-value = 3.4 with Dual Glazed Low-E window)

Virtually Indestructible: Backed by a 25-year warranty, Eclipse™ Shutters are the strongest and longest -lasting shutter on the market.

Fire-retardant: Resistant to ignition, flame spread, and continued burn, Eclipse™ Shutters are a safe choice for today's homes.

Colour Fast: Eclipse™ Shutters will never fade or turn yellow due to ultra-violet light or exposure - guaranteed.

Child Safety: Because there are no dangling cords, the Eclipse™ Shutters are a safe window covering product for homes with children or pets.